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 Alexis Jolene McMillan

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PostSubject: Alexis Jolene McMillan   Fri Oct 05, 2012 8:23 am

. A L E X I S . J O L E N E . M C M I L L A N .


Full name of Character:
Alexis Jolene Mcmillan
Reason, meaning or purpose behind the name:
Alexis; It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Alexis is "defender"
Jolene; Its Derived from Jolie in French which means beautiful.
Alex// Lexi

Three preferred jobs:
Ziekenzorg//Creche ouder//Kolenplukker

.:|Physical Appearance|:.

Age :
16 Years
Eye Color:
Hair color length and style:
Light brown straight hair. Her hair reaches her waist.
Weight and height:
57 kilo 1,67 meters
Type of body (build):
Small und petite
Predominant feature:
Her bright blue/grayish eyes
Is she healthy?;
She is perfectly healthy, except for the fact that she is deaf from the day she was born.
Does she look healthy?;
It is not in an overview to see that she is deaf, she has no hearing aid nothing. Well you will when you hear it when she speaks. Because sometimes she places the emphasis wrong.

.:|Animal Appearance|:.

Kind of animal: Felis catus//Cat
Fur color:
Snow white
Eye color:
Bright blue
A small but well shaped cat, very cuddly!! :3


Alexis has the tendency that if they sit in an uncomfortable situation, She bites the inside of her mouth without even noticing.
Greatest Strength:
Alexis is a very caring girl for anyone and everything. She will always help if it’s needed. Also she has the ability to see the positive in people, even if they can hear or not. She is also a verry positive and can paint really well.
Greatest Weakness:
Her hearing disorder, and a little bit of shyness
Soft spot:
// Baby animals // Crying boyzz//
Biggest Vulnerability:
- That she was dumped by her parents.
- That she is deaf, and people think she’s dumb.
- Just like any other girl is insecure about her appearance.
Most at ease with:
With deaf people, Funny and social people, people she can philosophize with despite her lack of hearing.
Most ill at ease with:
Around selfish people and bitches
Finding Seth//meet new people//survive//endure the ‘poef’


West California
I have never known biological parents. I've been deaf since I was born, what was totally unexpected. My biological parents did not want to raise a daughter who had a disability as they called it. At least Virginia told me they called it that. In Less than an hour after we left the hospital, they took me to Virginia and laid me mercilessly for the door with a note for the reason of leaving me there like that. I'm lucky that Virginia would take care of me. Seth was in fact also not so old. There was only six months between our ages. So it was not an easy task to raise two young children as single mother. I have never in my life been unhappy and grew up with Seth as a child of Virginia. She sent me early on course so that I could speak normally. When i was 12 i had a struggle with the idea that I was deaf and my biological parents never wanted me for that reason. Seth has helped me so much in that time and we have over the years built up a strong brother sister relationship with our ups and downs of course. Until seven months ago, we were a close family. Now it's different now, now I have to survive alone here. Seth is here somewhere he is not a type who gives up that easily. And I will not give up until I find him! Virginia is a different story .. I know that I this life will not see her again. But I know she's always with me maybe not physically but then mentally!


Foster mother:
Virginia Fearn Mcmillan
I really had a great relationship with Virginia. Truly the most magnificent mother there is. Although I am not her biological daughter, she has always treated me like i was here own. She was always there for me and I am her so very grateful! My biological parents didn't want to raise a deaf girl, but she always had faith in me. And it's really killing me i could never say it to her again! Because se also disappeared 7 months ago.
Foster brother:
Seth Cole McMillan
He is a really nice and funny guy. We really had a good brother sister bond. I know he is still somewhere around here, and i won't stop looking for him!

Biological Mother:
Relationship with her:
Biological Father:
Relationship with him:
Biological Siblings[b]:
I don’t know.. probably someone who can hear...
[b]Children of siblings
Other extended family:
All of them disappeared 7 months ago.


Character’s favorite color:
Least favorite, why?:
orange.. Just an disgusting color..
Goat cheese quiche
Mode of transport:
walking I guess


Optimist or pessimist?:
Introvert or extrovert?:
Little bit of both??
Cat’s or dog’s?:
Drives and motives:
Knowing that she will find Seth. Wanting to survive the ‘poef’ and live on with her life.
Painting, cheering people up, writhing.
Extremely skilled at:
Extremely unskilled at:
Fixing stuff
Good characteristics:
Nice, trustful, optimist, loyal, friendly, helpful
Character flaws:
shy, stubborn, nosy
She can talk even do she can’t hear.
Biggest regret:
Minor regrets:
Biggest accomplishment:
Minor accomplishments:
Darkest secret:

♥. Hear With Your Heart And Not With Your Ears.♥

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PostSubject: Re: Alexis Jolene McMillan   Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:05 am

Perfect, 9 berto's! Alex wordt kolenplukker en je hebt nu officieel toestemming om IC te posten ;} Veel plezier!

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PostSubject: Re: Alexis Jolene McMillan   Sat Oct 06, 2012 7:07 am

Helemaal leuk! Van mij krijg je ook 9 Berto's^^

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