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 Darren Everdeen

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PostSubject: Darren Everdeen   Sun Nov 18, 2012 12:13 am

[ NAME ] Darren Everdeen
[ NICKNAME ] Speedy Consales
[ BIRTH PLACE ] Australia
[ LANGUAGE ] English with a Australian accent
[ BORN SEASON ] Winter
[ AGE ] 17 Years
[ BIRTH ] 08/08/95
[ GENDER ] Male
[ ORIENTATION ] Straight
[ GIFT ] -
[ WORK ] Not yet (nog aanvragen?)

[ PARENTS ] Bellona and Gabriel †
[ SIBLINGS ] Esme my twin sister
[ OTHER FAMILY ] Aunty Selma
[ FRIENDS ] Boyt, Finn and Milan gone


[ PELT COLOR ] Blended wild orange, with black spots, also blended
[ EYE COLOR ] Frozen Blue
[ NOSE COLOR ] Black
[ PAW PADS ] Black
[ FUR STRUCTURE ] Shut and short
[ BUILD ] Long legs, and a strong muscular body
[ SIZE ON BACK PAWS ] 1.75 cm
[ WEIGHT ] 45 kg
[ PICTURE ] Klik


[ SKIN COLOR ] To nuance
[ EYE COLOR ] Dark Brown
[ HAIR COLOR ] Clear Blue
[ SIZE ] 1.90 cm
[ WEIGHT ] 75 kg
[ BUILD ] Normally muscular, with a slim body.
[ CLOTHES STYLE ] Simply fitting clothes
[ PICTURE ] Klik

Darren is a quiet and calm person. What he often on other persons can bring. He is also quite uncertain and silent, that mainly by his past. However, if you know it is a pleasant person once Darren to get to go. He is pretty easy and especially friendly to other.
[ LIKES ] Being a King Cheetah - Friends - Music - Food
[ DISLIKES ] Bad People - Water - Hight - Chickens

My name is Darren Everdeen, born in Australia, these lived further rpg. Quickly you'll follow my life, my life described by Bente, maybe do you know her from an earlier proposal topic. But to get back to me; Darren, I take you into a short life story. How I ended up here, and what I do here in vredens name.

As a small boy I used to always want to be a pilot, I dreamed to travel about the world around. Parts of the world see, get to know new people. That everything seemed to me amazing. But things change, thoughts change. And now I am 17, I think by now all else about it used to be so great life. I see more things, have everything better by and understand now that everything is not so great. As I have already told, I am born in Australia, since I had a life to make sure not about to whine. My parents could not have so much money, yet we were happy. My parents were loving people, loved life and got all young children. First Esme Everdeen, after which I was brought the world. And to my grandpa, it contains was named Darren. Best weird, technically I'm just to a decaying corpse, that I actually may not say, named my grandpa it contains was a proud man. Also no more, I had never get to know him. Life went quickly, too quickly for my feeling. Before I knew it we were moving. I was 15 and know it still good, very good. We left early in the morning to America, allowed us to wait there a new life as a happy family. We were going to live in California. My sister and I came by plane earlier, my parents were still what furniture to bring airport. My mother's sister, aunt Selma would be waiting for us and we would continue to stay there for a while until our parents would come get us and would go to the new House. But the separate game lasted longer, much longer. The flight, Boeing 757. You know the plane might be, it is also known as the most famous plane. You don't know what I mean? Maybe the date 9/11 you more, yes it is true. My parents were in that plane, and have virtually not survived. Days, months, years, I've lived in sadness further. If people asked how it went with me I see; "it's going well ' of course I felt nothing. But that they did not know hoefte. I had to put me over, as my sister had the heavier there than I. We had to continue with our lives. Also I found the rot for Selma, it was not easy for two heavy tired adolescents to educate. But they did it for us, for my parents. So as far as life went further, and Elena and I were known as the brother and sister without parents. And since it's now so '' n is two years ago, I feel less grief. I have to learn to live with it, now go to school have made friends and have even a job. I lead a normal life, and everything goes as it should. I would be happy, I also do happy. But nevertheless, the death of my parents now something in my changes.[/justify]
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PostSubject: Re: Darren Everdeen   Sat Nov 24, 2012 10:52 pm

Helemaal goed hoor Bente, geaccepteerd. Je mag nu (voor de 2e keer xd) IC posten met Darren.

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Darren Everdeen
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